Nostalgic Bulbs

You come home at the end of a long day and the warm glow and relaxing ambience immediately washes the stresses and struggles of the day away. Well maybe not, but nostalgic bulbs, a.k.a. Edison bulbs, do have a relaxing effect in that they do not slap you in the face with hundreds of watts of glare and their warm amber glow is just downright comforting. The bulbs are most notably featured in Industrial style settings but also work very well in other design styles from traditional to bohemian. They are also a wonderful addition to ugly fixtures you may be stuck with in a rental home or apartment.

As you will see below, many of our modern fixtures are playing host to the fascinating luminaries. The bulbs are now available in many different shapes, sizes, and even colors. We have a dazzling array of these in stock and would love to help you choose the right fixture and bulb to bring that alluring aura to your space, all lighting and furnishings shown are available through our store.






zuo fixtures


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Urban Louisville

Sure we all know what urban means, “in, relating to, or characteristic of a city or town” but here at Alcott & Bentley we started wondering how does Louisville define urban? And what does the deliciously creepy building above have to do with this topic? Find out below.

IMG_0039[1] Urban Attic, conveniently located right next door to our store, offers both men and women’s gently used apparel at fantastic prices. But don’t confuse this with your run of the mill consignment shop, owner Amy has discerning eye for the extremely stylish pieces she chooses.



Urban Bourbon Trail is designed to encourage visitors that have visited our state’s many bourbon distilleries to visit 34 different Louisville area bars and restaurants to experience our take on bourbon. You can try anything from “mint julep pancakes, bourbon barrel smoked salmon, to bourbon ball milkshakes”. Each spot offers 50 to up to 174 different bourbons. While at these spots one can get a stamp for each place visited to redeem for free swag. For a full list of participating spots click here.

whiskeybourbon_600xx5605-3744-0-0[1]Urban farmhouse
Urban Farmhouse Market is a great little gift shop that features just about any type of vintage style gift you can think from jewelry to pillows. They also are known for their Boots & Pearls apparel.

urban design1
Urban Design Studio is a local design firm and forum with a difference “The mission of the Urban Design Studio (UDS) is to raise the communities awareness of better design practices for our built environment with a focus on moving our city and region towards a sustainable future. Through design charrette facilitation, workshops, meetings, classes and general outreach to the community, the UDS offers a central location to discuss issues in the community and work in a collaborative environment to come up with creative solutions for the betterment of all.”
Urban legends of Louisville are quite numerous and Louisville Ghost Hunters Society claims to have investigated many of them including the notorious former incarnation of today’s Central State Hospital, which was also known as Lakeland Asylum or Anchorage Asylum and gained notoriety for their cruel treatment of the patients housed there. It was located on Lakeland Road near Louisville’s Anchorage neighborhood, today one of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods (pizza guru John Schnatter of Papa John’s Pizza is a resident). Although it was an asylum many who were committed there were not mentally ill at all and the dead were buried in a indiscriminate manner with many having had no markers. Many family members have no idea where their loved ones are or what happened to them. There is even a website dedicated to helping ancestors find the dead. Sadly the hauntingly beautiful buildings were all bulldozed in 1996 and is now known as E.P Tom Sawyer Park ( named for the father of news anchor Diane Sawyer of ABC Nightly News). Note of interest, one of our designers once lived directly across the street from the gravesite seen below.
central state hospital
central state 2

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Rock Paper Hammer

rockpaperhammer6Rock Paper Hammer is a local team that offers “A true design and construction collaborative specializing in custom residential renovations, respectful additions, and quality new construction”. Their diverse group of projects include whole house renovations, kitchens, baths, zen gardens, and grottoes, (yes, grottoes) they are also known for their renovation of the celebrated Blind Pig which is now sadly closed. To learn more and see more photos, visit their website.
Photos courtesy of Rock Paper Hammer

The Art of Lighting Art

recessed lighting by Stylus.

“Ideas are to literature what light is to painting.”
Paul Bourget

All of us at Alcott & Bentley love to help solve any lighting problems that you may have and one topic that frequently comes up is the best way to spotlight an art collection. Whether you have invested in an important art piece or simply want to honor your 3 year old’s latest masterpiece, proper lighting is key. The type of bulb is important as well. Incandescent bulbs give off a warm yellow glow that bring out the yellows and reds as well as enhance blues and greens. Halogen gives the truest white but can get hot so they cannot be too close or may cause damage. Fluorescent bulbs should not be used at all as they distort colors and can even cause fading. Oil paintings look best with an all over wash of light, acrylics can use most any kind of light, and framed pieces look best with non-glare glass and work with all the lights mentioned here.
1. Recessed Lighting
Since a majority of newer homes now come with recessed lighting this is an soft and easy way to light your art collection. The only drawback with recessed lighting is that it may not be flexible enough to adjust to suit your particular needs. This type of lighting works well with sculpture as the light pours straight down although most larger pieces will need additional lighting.

2. Track Lighting
This is your most adjustable and adaptable choice as you can wash an entire wall with light or focus on one particular piece. If you do not currently have track lighting and would like to add it to your space it is best to have it installed by a professional. There are many style and finishes and may be in a fixed straight line or flexible to curve as you wish. Once installed you can tweak the positioning to your liking.
3. Picture Lights
Picture lights have come a long way from the clunky numbers they used to be. They are now available in a multitude of finishes and styles, from traditional to modern. They do an excellent job of focusing entirely on the intended framed art washing the piece with soft light. They also give the selected artwork a sense of importance.

Alcott & Bentley-House 502



In The Neighborhood: Louvino

Louvino 2The Highlands newest hotspot is getting ready to officially open next week, after a highly successful friends and family soft opening this past week, and it just so happens to be located right next door. How convenient! The space did not look as glamorous and invitingly moody as the photo above shows however, scroll through to see some before and after shots. And who, you might ask, did the gorgeous lighting design? Why our own designers from Alcott & Bentley and all components were provided by our store, shopping info below or give us a call. At Louvino, the atmosphere is warm and cozy, perfect for settling in to try a huge selection of wines, selected bourbons and beers, and then there is the food, offered as small plates which allows you to try an assortment of different dishes, and trust us, you will want to. As next door neighbors we have been lucky enough to test taste some of their offerings and we gave major thumbs up! Everything was fresh and incredibly good, with most, if not all, being locally sourced (check out the menu below). One of our particular favorites was the duck confit flatbread and all were crafted by the talented chef Tavis Rockwell. Yum!! The official opening is Tuesday, July 29th and we wish them every success and best wishes!Louvino 4louvino 310511347_742817352441342_2581683655731176223_n[1]936661_742817389108005_2833762780016604014_n[2]10440843_719777221412022_2845848113925205313_n[1]10301051_719777194745358_3805442646667573283_n[1]10527868_737793306277080_8945394233316799474_n[1]10509494_737793319610412_2933205581540278744_n[1]MenuWant to bring that fabulous lighting to your space? Below are some of the fixtures that our designers chose for Louvino, festive string lights and LED tape were used to backlight the bar area and even the sign outside. Want your own unique look? One of our designers will help you create the perfect lighting plan for your home or business just give us a call at 502.454.893821104[2]zuo165c04[1]cf765bq[1]

Images via Tiffany Wirth/Louvino
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21c Museum Hotel

hmpg_roof[1]If you are complaining that there is nothing to do, you surely do not live in Louisville. Our fair city offers so many cool attractions and dining destinations that it is sometimes a daunting task to experience all of them, even when you live here! As we further explore our city, one cannot miss today’s offering 21c, founded by Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson. As you approach, the first thing you will see is a parade of red penguins lining the roof. Not only does the hotel offer a free museum to anyone who wishes to enter, they provide the opportunity to sleep in that museum and beyond. An exhibit that has been in place for a little over a year is “Asleep in the Cyclone” by New York based artists Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe. The difference with this exhibit is that is also serves as one of the rooms you can actually book for your stay.Asleep_Cyclone_084-1000x748[1]Asleep_Cyclone_201-1000x748[1]Asleep_Cyclone_044-1000x749[1]Another ongoing series at the hotel’s highly lauded restaurant, Proof on Main, the Fork & Bottle Dinners, continues this Thursday, July 24th and will feature Against The Grain, Louisville’s first brewer-owned brewery who will offer pairings for a 4 course dinner prepared by chef Levon Wallace.10364013_792581517453169_8291140565587230990_n[1]10486255_824075150970472_1779821883332081093_n[1]ATG_Brewery_4C_onLight-325x325[1]

But one cannot forget the real star of 21c’s show and that is the museum which is open 24/7/365 and current exhibits include “Seeing Now” and “Troubling Beauty”. If you visit keep in mind, the penguins can and do show up anywhere. Anywhere.Lalla-Essaydi-smaller[1]Lion Head TrophyDrew-Tal-Arranged-Marriage[1]004781-04-museum[1]rkcy_edit21cmh_vsambunaris_302e[1]1486604_10153717132810006_2027200310_n[1]

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Jack White’s in the House 502

jack-white-ddeaa988ab167fa0[1]No Jack White is not in this house, if only, but he is in Louisville to perform at the Forecastle Festival tonight. In a recent article in the NY Times White’s Third Man Records which serves as a “record store, his label offices, a concert venue, a recording booth, a lounge for parties and even a darkroom”. The article lauds White as “The Coolest, Weirdest, Savviest Rock Star of Our Time” and describes. but does not show, the quirky surroundings at Third Man Records. As very few interior shots were allowed we would like to imagine what White would choose from Alcott & Bentley for this space. Jack if you need us to come down to Nashville , call us at 502.454.8938! Or you can just call us for any reason at all. Really. We make house calls.

This would be perfect over the huge wooden table where Jack composes.

This would be perfect over the huge wooden table where Jack composes.


Throne for Mr. White

Throne for Mr. White


A new addition to Jack's taxidermy wall

A new addition to Jack’s taxidermy wall

Jack White

Jack could check out that gorgeous face in this mirror.

Jack could check out that gorgeous face in this mirror.

German Cottage Tour

This gorgeous little cottage, located in Germany, is as lovely inside as it is out. The little details such as the mixed fabrics, monogramming, contrast welting, and controlled pops of red and green take this from ho-hum to wow. All of the furnishings and accessories are perfect in scale making the home seem larger than it really is. And who wouldn’t love to discover the bucolic, dreamy outdoors through flung open windows featuring boxes brimming with beautiful flowers that almost totally surround this truly adorable cottage? And that little balcony? Sign us up!German cottage livingGerman cottage living/diningchair detailkitchenkitchen tableauStairwaybedroomPatioWindows onto the gardenWindow BenchBucolic setting

Images via 1, 2

William Kass

william-kass-10Photographer William Kass has a penchant for miniatures and food, thus his project Minimize-Food marries the two beautifully. And us slackers,we just eat our food. See more on his facebook page.william-kass-09william-kass-12william-kass-13william-kass-06william-kass-04

In The Neighborhood:El Camino

GG0414_Breakfast_04[1]This nearby hot spot was just recently named one of “The South’s Best Breakfast Joints” by Garden & Gun for their Breakfast Scramble and we couldn’t agree more. Congrats! See more about them at their website
From Garden & Gun
“After fourteen years working alongside Mexican-food wizard Rick Bayless in Chicago, chef Brian Enyart struck out on his own with this chilled-out taqueria and tiki bar. Tacos and tiki? It’s a weird cocktail to serve in horse country, to be sure, but the barkeep knows to add a healthy pour of Buffalo Trace to the grog. As for the food, well, locals didn’t think they could fall any more in love with it—that is, until Enyart rolled out the weekend brunch menu earlier this year. Enchiladas with sesame pipián, buttered chayote squash, and Chihuahua cheese show off his Oaxaca-by-way-of-Bayless sensibility. But you want to stick your slow-moving Sunday face into the house chilaquiles—a hearty scramble of eggs, grass-fed beef chorizo, and corn tortilla chips with lashings of crema.”el-camino-9[1]el-camino-16[1]el-camino-8[1]el-camino-7[1]el-camino-5[1]el-camino-18[1]

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